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Inspirational Booklets

 Three Inspirational Booklets to Help You On Your Journey With God

An Inspirational Reflection on the Passion of Christ

Jesus My Lord-The Way Of The Cross with the Imprimatur of the Roman Catholic Church is a wonderful way to reflect and contemplate the price Jesus Christ paid to deliver us from our sins. It is meant for all Christians, not just Catholics. As we begin this unique journey with Jesus we suggest that you take the time to pray and meditate.  The meaning of Jesus's death and resurrection upon your own life should be considered.  Hopefully you will experience courage in your own life as you share in the revelations and reflections found in this book

Children's Prayer Book

Sonshine was originally written as a Christmas gift to our thirteen grandchildren.  There are 43 poems, written in the form of short prayers that covers the period of life from age 4 up to young adulthood.  It has been very well received and used daily by many families.  This is an excellent prayer starter and tool to keep our children involved in their faith.

I Am With You Always
Inspirational Poems and Prayers

I Am With You Always-A Journey To Life contains 25 poems which will bless you greatly in your own Journey of Life. The inspirational poetry and words in this reflection derives from the many blessings I have received since my own personal encounter and born again experience with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in 1976.  The purpose of sharing my experiences in this way is so that perhaps you will experience a renewal in your own faith.  Jesus truly is a real, living person who is waiting very patiently to be invited into your life.